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What is an arranger and what do they do?

An Arranger is someone who arranges music specific to the clients requirements. For example:

An arranger needs to listen, work and collaborate with others and be adaptable to their needs.

What's the difference between an Orchestrator and a Copyist then?

An Orchestrator takes the often hand written 'sketches' of a composer, and transcribes it into sheet music for the given voice or instrument. For example, imagine a composer has written a part meant for trumpet on his piano. If a trumpeter attempted to play this part with an orchestra it would sound awful, because a trumpet is not in the same key as a piano. The orchestrator would ensure the piece is written in the correct key, has all the correct articulation instructions for the musician, and is in an acceptable range for the instrument.

A Copyist works with a composer who has already scored out the parts for the intended instruments, and simply needs it to be copied into parts for the musicians to use.

How can we help?

Our in-house arranger; Steve Yorke has more than 20 years experience, ranging from a melody line with lyrics & chords, to a full Orchestra and in particular, Brass Bands. As a multi-instrumentalist and Sound Engineer, he has all the necessary tools of the trade and the skills to use them effectively; including a project studio, various musical instruments and Sibelius software. Steve has an advanced knowledge of music theory, together with a solid understanding of orchestration, composition and harmony. This, when added to his creativity, provides all the skills and knowledge requried of any good Arranger, Orchestrator or Copyist.



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