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Steve graduated from the School of Audio Engineering, Oxford campus; gaining experience in all aspects of Audio Engineering, including:

Physics of Sound, Acoustics, Advanced Microphone techniques, Live Sound, Synthesis, Advanced Midi, Digital & Analogue Recording, Mixing Techniques, Post Production, Signal Flow, Editing & Restoration.

Mix & Remix Engineer: So you've got your multi-tracks, now let a professional mix the track for you. Maybe you want to turn your song into a banging dance tune; or maybe just want a fresh set of ears.

Audio Editing: From getting rid of a stutter to cutting tracks down to size, we can help with all your editing needs.

Clean-up, restoration and conversion: Convert your treasured vinyl to CD or mp3. We can clean up noisy or damaged recordings to minimise problems such as wind noise, unwanted background noise, dust, needles, and enhance the overal timbre.

Freelance Engineer: Whether it's Live Sound, Post Production, Music Editing or Studio engineer, we can help.






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Assisting with Sound for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Royal Albert Hall. Filmharmonic, May 2010


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