Demo No. 2 showcases Drum replacement, Re-amping, Time
Re-alignment & Digital Backing Vocal services.
Demo No. 4 Before & after Mastering. In the example you will hear 2 songs. Each song starts with the un-mastered mix, which will then fade out and fade back in to continue with the Mastered Mix.
Demo No. 3 Vocal Processing. Telephone & Auto Tune FX.

Demo No. 5 Arrangement & additional parts. The first part is a rough
mix of the original recording, after which you will hear how AFS Music
edited the arrangement of the vocal, in order to compliment the additional trumpet part.

Demo No. 1 Sample some of our work across genres: 70's funk; Acoustic; Big Band; Rock; Pop Ballad; Country & Electronic Dance Music


Demo No. 6 Audio Editing. In this example, our client wanted to use this recording of their son playing a solo, for their fathers funeral service. However at more than 6 minutes, it was too long and needed to be cut down by around 2 mins. Here is the ending of the piece, before, and then after our editing.

Demo No. 7 Audio Restoration. In the following demo, you will hear 3 examples of audio before and after treatment.
1st is a keyboard track with a very audible hiss.
2nd is a telephone interview with distracting backgound noise & clicks
Finally, a vinyl conversion with typical dust noise and mechanical hum.


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For more information, please see our FAQ section.

MIX & MASTER - high quality, professional mixing services.

Send us your tracks (.WAV or. AIFF files preferred), and we will work
closely with you to achieve the end product you're looking for. Your
finished tracks will be available via a download link, and presented in
3 different formats: A CD quality mastered file, MP3 file and, should you
wish to use your own Mastering Engineer, a 24 bit un-mastered WAV file.

Single Mix and Master - £95
EP Mix and Master (Max 5 songs) - £85 per song
Album Mix and Master (min 6 - Max 12 songs) - £75 per song

Mix and master service prices include basic editing, re-amping, vocal processing and optional drum replacement. It does not include time re-alignment, digital backing vocals, arranging or providing additional parts, these services are available at additional cost (as listed below) Advanced editing or processing requirements will be quoted on individual basis.
Demo No. 1

Package Option



If the sound of your guitar/bass isn't what you were looking for, we have an extensive range of digital amps that can be applied to the original track.
Demo No. 2

£20 per individual track

If you have multiple tracks in one song that require re-amping, each track will be charged separately
(E.G. x3 tracks = 3 x £20 = £60).



The tempo throughout your piece is not as tight as you would like?
Using our professional studio software, we can help you
to re-align the tempo.
Demo No. 2

£25 per track

If you have multiple tracks in one song that requires re-alignment, each track will be charged separately (E.G. x3 tracks = 3 x £25 = £75).


Want to beef up your drums?
Drum replacement is commonplace in the modern studio, find out
why and let us bring your drums to life.
Demo No. 2

£40 per song


You feel your song would benefit from having Backing Vocals added?
Not sure what you want?
We have the musical know how plus some very clever (and expensive!) specialist software that enables us to create authentic sounding
backing vocals from any other vocal track. 
Demo No. 2

£40 per song


You would like to enhance your vocal performance?
We can transparently alter tuning and pitch or enhance/add vibrato.
Remove shakes and wobbles, or add special effects (a very popular
effect is 'Auto Tune', that sound made famous by Cher's "believe").

Additionally, if you have more than one vocal take, we can seamlessly
edit the best parts from each take, creating your perfect vocal track.
Demo No. 3

£35 per track

If you have multiple vocal tracks in one song, each track will be charged separately
(E.G. x2 tracks = 2 x £35 = £70).


You are already happy with your mix, you just want it to
be commercial and broadcast friendly?
Send us your stereo mix and we'll work to make it sound perfect for
playback on any system.
Demo No. 4

£30 per song

For an additional payment of £12, we will provide all your mastered tracks
on a high quality, master CD, ready for replication and mass production.


Would you like your song, or a part within your song,
turned into sheet music?
Whether it is for a single melody line, guitar chords and lyrics or a full orchestra, we can provide professionally written and printed parts
(using Sibelius software) ready for any competent musician to play.

£25 per part



You may have an idea but not sure where to take it?
With more than 20 years of music arranging experience behind us, we can
help you turn your 'sketches' into a full production piece. Or we can
just add additional parts to your existing piece.

Demo No. 5

From £15
Actual cost will be based on the complexity and length of the piece and will be
subject to an individual quotation.

Please contact us for this service


You need your audio to fit a specific time slot?
Ideal for weddings & funerals, Why hit repeat or stop the track
midway, when you can have it neatly fitted into the available time?
Whether reducing or lengthing the track, our edits are
seamless and musical.

You have a recording that contains mistakes?
No problem. Send it to us and we can edit the perfect take.

You want a section of audio seamlessly removed?
Whatever your reason, once we've edited the track,
you wouldn't even know it was ever there!
Demo No. 6

£35 upto 5 mins of audio
£65 upto 10 mins of audio
£115 upto 20mins of audio

Select Package


You have a noisy or damaged recording?
Human error, electrical or mechanical interference, noisy vinyl
conversions, intrusions from traffic, cell phones, dogs, people,
nature. If restoring your audio seems like an impossible task,
it's time to get some expert help.
Demo No. 7

£8 per minute (or part minute) of Audio
Minimum charge £16 (upto 2 minutes)

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