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Why should I use AFS Music?

I'm an amatuer, can you help me?

Our service is available and affordable to everyone, regardless of what stage you are at in your musical career. We will get your music sounding as good as it can be!

What genres will you work with?

All genres are catered for! When you ask us to work with you, we suggest that you advise us of a commercially available reference song that you would like your sound to get close to.

Can I listen to some samples of your work?

Yes. Click here for a broad selection of samples

What if I want to change something in the mix?

No problem, your feedback is always welcome, in fact we encourage it. Your tracks will be available to you for preview for up to up to 2 weeks, thus giving you time to consider any changes you may require. If we do not hear from you within this 2 week period, we assume your satisfaction and close the job as complete.

How long does it take?

The number of tracks and work involved will influence the amount of actual studio time required. Typical times: for singles and EP's 7-14 days, for albums 21-28 days.

My tracks aren't recorded very well, does that matter?

The better the quality of the original recording, the better the end results. We'll work with you to achieve the best sound from what you have. For the future, we can advise you on how to achieve better recordings.

If you live within 50 miles of Swindon, Willtshire, you may like to consider asking us to record you. For details see our web pages:

Mobile Recording and Project Studio.

Do you like the effects I've used on my tracks?

Whenever possible, we prefer to work with your 'dry', original tracks. If you have a specific effect in mind, please try to provide a 'dry' and 'wet' version (for guitars and bass, a DI'd track as well as a mic'd amp track is ideal). We can then have full control of how the effect sits in the finished mix. Wet tracks generally make for a wet mix!

What is meant by 'dry', 'wet' & DI'd tracks?

A dry track is one that is clean, it has no effects and processing. Sometimes compression and EQ is used during the recording process and this is OK (as long as it has been done properly), but a dry track that has nothing added or taken away is best.

A wet track is the exact opposite, a track that has effects and processing added.

A DI'd track is one that is recorded via a direct input. Using a DI box, you can split the signal so it goes both to directly into your recording device , and to your amp. The direct input signal is completely clean, and the tone is not coloured by the sound of your amp or any effect pedals you may be using.

Is there a limit to the length of a song?

Yes. Our charges per song assumes a length of less than 5 minutes. For songs that exceed this, we would ask that each 5 minutes of audio is treated as a separate song on the order. Where this applies, please tell us in the additional information section of the order. It is worth noting that a song that exceeds 4:30 minutes is not usually considered 'radio friendly'

How do I send you our tracks?

To ensure compatibility, it is best if you can send us 16 or 24 bit files at 44.1 or 48kHz sample rate.

The files can be .WAV or .AIFF formats and each track should be clearly named ie. 'Kick drum' or 'Lead Vocal Take 1'.

Make certain your tracks are all the full length of your song, and all start at a '0' position so the tracks line up correctly.

Please try and keep Mono tracks (bass, guitar, vocals etc) as mono tracks and stereo tracks (keyboards, string ensemble etc) as stereo tracks.

Please make a folder for each song, containing only that songs audio files. All song folders can then be placed in another folder and compressed (.zip).

When you complete your order, you will be taken to an upload page so you can send us your tracks immediately.

Your zip file cannot exceed 2gb in size but you can upload multiple files if necessary, up to 8gb.

It can take a long time for your files to upload so ensure you've got a kettle handy!

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with your work?

We are sure that this will never happen however, we are sorry no refunds are offered and this is non negotiable. You will already have received the work and there is no way for you to return it or for us to undo it. This is an unfortunate but necessary policy. Please remember though, our aim is to work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Please refer to What if I want to change something in the mix?

I have changed my mind and wish to cancel my order, can I have a refund?

If you cancel your order within 24hours then yes, we will refund you in full. Once we have started working on your project however, our time has already been used and a full refund will not be possible. Should this situation arise, we will be happy to negotiate.


If you are left confused by any of the answers we've given, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My question is not on your list, what now?

Please use this link to contact us via email, or give us a call and talk to a human being directly!

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